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We’re proud to provide boa community members with top-notch shipping service. Our clients love working with us, many of them returning as repeat customers. We pride our selves in fast expedited shipping in many cases overnight. We send detailed documents and genetics certificates with every boa that leaves our facility. There is much work that goes into transporting live constrictors which is precisely why the services are not free. We quarantine each boa for two days before shipping, carefully inspecting the wellness and cleanliness of each animal.  There is also about 2 hours of paperwork that goes with each boa. We offer live arrival guarantee for all of our boas for your peace of mind. This means that your boa is insured for the amount of the purchase and is covered in case of any mishaps. We conveniently ship on Tuesday and Wednesdays only due to increased activity of COVID-19. Many areas are dealing with wild fires which may cause issues with shipping. With that being said there is no "door to door" shipping at this time. Our insurance requires that we ship to the nearest FedEX hub to you in order to get "Live Arrival Guarantee. We will resume door to door shipping as the economy recovers from COVID-19. We ship only in ideal conditions meaning we will not jeopardize the life of our animals be shipping in climates too hot or too cold. If you have any questions about shipping hit the "Let's Chat" button below.

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