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A Hassle-Free Experience

At Alpha Genetics, we want to make sure shopping at our welcoming Reptile Store is as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure our store policies are fair, clear and transparent. You can find a full outline of our policies below. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, get in touch. We look forward to serving you at Alpha Genetics.

We guarantee that all of our boa will have a full VET health check up before being introduced to Morph Market. We guarantee the genetics, health, live arrival. also each boa will come with certificate of genetics. We also except most digital forms of payment USD currency PAYPAL, .(Paypal has Buyer protection) though fees occur. Reptiles will be shipped overnight via FedEx, SYR, ALL PRO SHIPPING once payment is complete customer will receive a tracking number to track shipment. Reptiles will not be shipped in harsh conditions weather must permit. Some pick ups or meeting at reptile Expos are possible. Message us on Facebook if you have any questions about shipping or payment arrangements but please do not discuss snake prices on facebook.

We will gladly do payment plans but not to exceed 45 Days. Payment plans require a 20% down as a non refundable deposit (Unless animal dies at the facility) For animals over 500.00. We do not hold animals without a deposit.Failure to fulfill the payment plan will result in a loss of the deposit and the animal will return to market immediately. However if we understand extreme circumstances and to our discretion we are willing to work with our customers with proper communication. We encourage straight pay, saves the breeder from excessive fees. Cash Negotiations are good for 24hrs only (ask the wife, mom, dad, first).


Animals will be shipped Tuesdays and Wednesdays once the balance has been paid. We use the best shipping methods to handle your investment and our pet carefully.

Low prices doesn't mean low quality. We produce quality constrictors at affordable prices. Our prices are the cheapest on Morph Market. we do this to avoid haggling. Take your time and shop around to find the right Boa for you. It will be worth it. Once purchases are made cash refunds WILL NOT be issued under any circumstances only store credit on available stock. We do not pay for "Buyers Remorse".lol

In case of dead boa customer has 4hrs to report claim submitting several pics with snake on its back. We strongly recommend that the customer is available to receive or pic up package on the scheduled time. These animals sometime quickly change climates due to overnight travel and may effect them. Customer should give up to two weeks before claim is complete. We insure our boas through SYR/ All Pro Shipping. and it's SYR that has to pay the claim, not us. Insurance will be included in the shipping quote in you invoice. Cost for shipping will be posted in the ad, the prices are for U.S. only.

Customer has 4 hours from time of receiving the package to contest the contents within. If you feel that the wrong animal was shipped (which happens) or sex, you have four hours ( from arrival time) to contact us. Animals are exact as pictured in the photo. A picture will be sent with your invoice to verify it is the exact animal. Please view it before paying the invoice Pictures are edited and may be slightly saturated because of auto-editing.

"Lets Chat" is the best way to communicate. Although Morph Market helps us to keep track of the boa you are interested in and it archives agreements made via negotiations. We don't get text from numbers that are not in our contacts nor do we frequent facebook as the sale of animals are not allowed.
🗣communication is Key!! If you are interested in any of our boas we ask that you be ready to receive and reply to inquiries in a timely manner. We try to respond promptly and and respectfully to each individual. If we do not receive a response in a reasonable time we will deny or close the inquiry. This effects our response time and it reflects poorly on our company's record.

**********     📸PHOTOGRAPHS     ************
we go through great lengths to provide you with awesome images. We do not send unstamped media (snap shots) to anyone. However, We can assure you that the animal will be exact as pictured. This prevents fraud by those that are pretending to be "breeders" and "flippers". YES IT HAPPENS. Pics will be updated regularly. READ OUR REVIEWS on MorphMarket

Boas look cool but comes with a lot of responsibilities and they get "BIG". Please be sure you can provide the proper care and space for these Boas. Please adhere to your state and local laws when owning a boa. I don't recommend boas for first time snake owners. Some boas can be challenging to deal with and all have different Temperaments. Be patient with baby boas, they are scared when leaving the Breeding facility, being on a plane, and handled many times. some do well and some can be a bit nippy. We ask that you give your boa time to adjust to its atmosphere before handling it, so that your experience will be positive.

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